Spy Software

Spyware is special software that collects information without the knowledge of the person or organization, and fetches the information of that device on which it is installed, and then the software sends all data for the destination IP address or computer without he consumer’s consent or knowledge. This software has been classified into different types, such as adware, incognito monitoring or system monitoring, tracking cookies etc. This software is also used as security or protection purpose or malicious purpose. This software can record all activities including visits, call log of mobile, all open documents, messages, e-mail, etc., when this software has been installed inside the computer or mobile completely invisible, difficult to detect and no one can detect except the person who install it. This software is legal when using or trying it on your computer. This software is also used on mobile phones to help parents to give them all the information from the mobile phone or computer uses of their children. Mobile Phone Spy Software Delhi India is a popular name for its operation which gives the complete solution for the uses of spy software in India.

spy softwareMany people use this software to track the activity of their Children, her husband or his wife and some organization also use to keep track their employees accessibility. We offer all kinds of mobile phone software Spy in New Delhi, India, with best service in this category. Our product quality is best, and we also provide a demo service on how to use this software. This software can be also used in computers and helps you to make a backup of files and data, and an accidental deletion. Installation is quiet easy of this software and very simple one can install this software without any training. Only takes a few minutes to install. Once the installation is completed it won’t leaves any traces to be detect in the mobile phone and start recording the all activities. All recorded data can be sent in a separate email, which display the entire details of the call logs, messages and Open sites of a mobile phone or computer.


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  1. vijay says:

    please tell me the cost of one month subscription of spy software and sim change features is available in this

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