Mobile Phone Jammer

A mobile jammer is a device which can be used for disturbing the signals, received by the mobile phone from the base station. Mobile jammer comes in different sizes, and covers ranges from few feet to hundreds of meters. The mobile jammer can block all type of signals like GPRS, GPS and CDMA signals too.

Mobile Phone Jammer is originally developed for law enforcement and the military to interrupt communication between criminals and terrorists to stop the use of remote operated detonated explosives. But nowadays ,civilian applications are apparent with the growth of over usage of mobile phones in places where mobile is completely restricted such as temples, churches, mosques and other religious places as well as in theatres and concert halls.

Mobile Phone JammerMobile Jammer can be highly advantageous for the areas where silence is to be maintained. For an example, if you are enjoying your movie in a Cineplex and suddenly someone started talking with a loud voice and this activity might cause interruption in your movie. Here mobile jammer can be helpful for you. In the religious place, where we do chanting and if suddenly someone’s phone rings, it destructs the whole surroundings and the solution for this problem is mobile jammer. In jails, government use mobile jammer for security reasons. In a business meeting, where a discussion is in its peak point and if someone’s phone rings, it ruins the whole discussion.

When Mobile Jammer is switched on, the mobile network shows no network, incoming calls as well as outgoing calls are banned and shows like mobiles are in flight-mode. You can use all applications of mobile except making or receiving calls. And when the mobile jammer is switched off, all mobiles re-establish the network connection and shows full network.

Mobile Jammers are categorized according to their uses and sizes. The small one is known as mobile pocket jammer and the big one is known as strong jammer which covers more than 100 meters of area.

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