Invisible Playing Cards

Invisible Playing Cards:

With years of expertise in manufacturing spy equipments, employees at Spy India (P) Ltd are engaged in providing the purchasers with a wide variety of the most inconspicuous spy instruments. The wide range of spy instruments consists of Spy marked playing Cards, invisible playing cards contact lenses, playing card Cheating Device, etc. All of our products are imported directly from leading business vendors like UN agencies which have been accepted worldwide for their excellence. We believe in providing products with high quality and hence conduct strict Quality Check procedures.

 invisible playing cardsThere are many different acknowledged strategies of cheating in various card games but one technique which is mostly used by people is marking the cards. In this technique the cards are altered or marked in such a way that their values are acknowledgeable from the rear and hence they are referred to as marked cards. This is the most famous technique of cheating in card games and magic shows. The markings on these cards involve scratching or creating a mark that is intelligent to only the one who has marked the cards and unnoticeable to the other.

 The Spy Playing Cards Smoothsayer can report the amount and suit of every Card present in the hands of the player in a matter of seconds with the help of the wireless voice issued from the earpiece. Using the hidden headphones one can receive automatic voice instructions regarding the numbers and color of each card in the hands of the player. The major benefits of using Spy Playing Cards smoothsayer are that it has easy operation and is simple to hold. Using Playing Cards Smoothsayer is less complicated as u just need to know how to operate a regular cellular phone. There is no risk of any power outage during the game as long as there are extra multi-band cell batteries available in hand.

 The upper right corner of the device or the mobile phone (contains a scanning camera) and the right corner is the scanning bottom. The mobile phone used in with the Playing Cards Smoothsayer uses the upper left corner to transmit the data invisibly to a group of earplugs; the lowest left corner help the device associate with the cellular phone batteries. The phone will can be used normally to send text messages, hear music etc. The accessories of that comes with the Playing Cards Smoothsayer are: a group of wireless earplugs, a charger, cellular phone batteries, one Lithium-ion battery. Marked cards are mostly utilized in several poker games by many people.

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  2. Incredible work. I have very much impressed with your design and looks amazing on every product. I really love this style of design!! Thanks for the post on invisible playing cards.

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