Wireless Camera Jammer

Spy camcorders are usually all over the place, which is used to capture the secret video recording. They are being exclusively employed in nursing homes, police force headquarters, car-parking, banks individual workplaces, accommodations, and learning ability agency and especially by the media people to unveil the conspiracy or the sting operation. The particular instant wireless camera jammer will be the most up to date success in the technical marketplace.

Wirless Camera Jammer

Wirless Camera Jammer

A wireless camera jammer is increasingly being currently employed to be able to block the signal of wireless camera, it is truly found in places in which tranquil surroundings is usually ideal and no recording is allowed.

This type of jammer is used in the Military Establishments, Prison, Lecture hall, Meeting room, Classroom, Recording studio, Court house, Government Building, Petroleum station and in the chamber of high authority where recording is strictly prohibited.

The is a quite beneficial device primarily with regard to the business achieving exactly where you will not make it possible for any kind of recording while in conferences along with it also perfectly appropriate with regard to achieving suites, standard hotel rooms, sleep suites in addition to dressing up suites or perhaps wherever you need to always be not allowed recording devoid of the concur. Some sort of digital camera device which blocks all Wi-Fi digital camera networks which include UMTS, DCS, GSM, PHS, 2G, TDMA, CDMA, 3G, TACS for example. This revolutionary product perfectly performs without hurting any kind of electronic devices.

Simple jammers are built to block only the mobile signals, and do not have the functionality to stop the recording of the wireless camera. To overcome from this problem we have launched a new device like a wireless camera jammer, which stops the mobile signals as well as the recording of the wireless camera.

 This device will probably assist you in your organization, wherever there is a chance of video saving. No-one can easily record without your consent. Simple jammers are yet not having the power to stop the camera recording. They’ve got their particular importance with safety measures, but wireless camera jammer can stop the video recording.

Its unique technology and advance features make it different from other simple mobile jammer, which make it capable to disable all kinds of signals of wireless camera which are connected through LAN and Bluetooth etc.


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  1. Greg says:

    Where can I purchase the device described on this page?

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  3. Thanks a lot for providing us such a useful information regarding sting gadgets. Sting Operation (P) Ltd is a virtuous and enormous company which offers authentic and genuine stinggadgets and softwares
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  4. sanjivkumar says:

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